Architectural Millwork in Toronto

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Whether for commercial, retail or residential applications, the best architectural millwork Toronto has to offer can take a regular space to something breathtakingly extraordinary. A professional interior designer can help create a striking look for both the interior and the exterior of any space; just be sure that the team you choose to help with your project has a wide range of experience and a diverse portfolio for your perusal prior to bringing them in. The best in the business have successfully completed well over a hundred projects in the last five years, which speaks volumes about the abilities of the design team as well as the craftsman.




Millwork is an excellent option for beautifying exterior spaces. It can be effectively used in rails and posts, but can also act as fabulous door frames, window casings and accents wherever they might be needed. A professional interior designer may be able to shed some light on places that may need a little sprucing up and will surely lead to a better looking finished project. Exterior architectural millwork has been around for ages, but has only recently begun to reclaim its place as a premium option for discerning designers and space owners. It’s a durable and long-lasting method of achieving a timeless and elegant look.




When it comes to interior designs, nothing is able to match the unique look and feel of handmade architectural millwork. Like in exterior purposes, millwork can be used for window casings and door frames, but is also an ideal solution for those looking for custom cabinets, bookcases and display cases. Custom millwork is often the only way to get the look and feel you’re after regardless of application. You’ll have a phenomenal range of options in materials and finish that will help ensure that a fit into any decor is simple. Designed and built for a specific application, custom millwork can become the highlight of any space, or can be designed such that they’re all but invisible.




The key to gorgeous millwork is an eye for detail and years of experience. A newer, less experienced team can certainly be useful for repairs or smaller jobs, but when it comes to architectural millwork, experience is an absolute must. Before jumping in with any company, be sure to have a look at previous projects completed by the team. In many cases, previously completed projects are commercial and retail locations that can be investigated in person. Take the time to explore your options and choose the best possible team for your desired results.


Choosing an experienced and professional team for architectural millwork in Toronto is the best way to rejuvenate an aging space or to create a truly stunning and sophisticated area. Whether for interior or exterior areas, architectural millwork crafted by a skilled hand will bring a finish that is as durable and long lasting as it is exquisite. Contact the finest and most reputable architectural millwork team in your area to learn more about the possible applications of millwork and to get your project off to a great start and the perfect finish.

Custom Bookshelf Toronto

By Flux
Custom Bookshelf Toronto
Custom Bookshelf Toronto


Hi there,


I am seeing so much great work; I am interested in incorporating a custom bookshelf into my living room.


What are some of the things I can come to expect in terms of time it’ll take to complete?


Thank you. 


By Sadyd Pc (Admin)
Hi there!
Thank you for reaching out to the Luna Interiors team regarding the kinds of bookshelves we can build in your home. Our Toronto based renovation and millwork company can definitely help you build and install a bookshelf that will compliment your space nicely,
Building time of a bookshelf depends on the amount of work, size of the desired cabinet and specific details like kind of materials and finishes.
We can have a stand alone bookshelf made as an excellent accent piece of furniture for your study, living room or bedroom, or we can have bookshelves created as a part of a whole entertainment unit. 
Average bookshelves will take around a week to be completed including installation at the job site.
I hope this has helped answer your question!
Here are some examples of bookshelves we installed for some of our previous clients.
Custom bookshelf toronto
custom bookshelf toronto
custom bookshelf toronto